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Why Get A Business Valuation?

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Typically, business owners and executives consider initiating a business valuation when they are considering the sale or purchase of a business or exploring a merger. But consider too that banks and finance organizations rely in part on such a report to understand a company’s worth when considering a loan for an equipment purchase, operating capital, debt relief, and other uses. Also, knowing what a company is worth will help owners and executives establish a basis for equity compensation for new partners or key employees. It’s an important tool for tax reporting where the IRS requires a fair market value disclosure or for tax-related events like a sale, gifting of shares, etc. A business valuation could be used for divorce negotiations as well. And more.


Norm Blieden, CPA is an experienced full-service accounting firm offering complete financial management, tax, payroll, business brokerage services and more. We’ve been providing clients with comprehensive financial management services for over 30 years. Our experience extends to a cross-section of U.S. industries, including manufacturing, technology, distribution, retail, and service companies. We work for large, multi-million-dollar enterprises as well as small business entrepreneurs whose financial considerations intersect with their personal financial needs. No matter what you do, what you make, or what you sell…we have the skills to make a profitable contribution to your success.

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