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Effective Financial Management Requires Expert Accounting


Helping our clients manage the money side of your business is a pre-requisite to profitability and growth. At Norm Blieden, CPA, we prioritize these foundational accounting services in order to provide our clients with actionable financial guidance.


Accurate bookkeeping means setting up an appropriately detailed chart of accounts and then assigning income and expenses to the right account. Whether you use an online bookkeeping app (like QuickBooks, Xero, etc.), your own propriety system, or our propriety accounting software…the professionals at Norm Blieden, CPA can either handle bookkeeping duties for your company or work collaboratively with your staff.

The same goes for payroll management. Our team can either handle providing your staff with paychecks or direct deposit, working with a payroll service, verify accurate bookkeeping entries, and handling all the necessary reporting to the Employment Development Department and other government agencies.
Then, every month, we’ll make any necessary adjusting entries and generate financial statements including profit and loss statements, updated balance sheets, cash flow statements, etc….then present important observations, insights and implications for your business.


Business & Personal Tax Management

Today, processing payroll tax payments is typically an automated process. Still, it requires proper set-up to ensure each employee’s deductions for exemptions, insurance, retirement plan contributions, loan repayments and other details are properly accounted for. Moreover, choreographing how to compensate business owners is a key consideration depending on the whether the company is an S Corp, C Corp, LLC, etc. It’s important to decide how much to allocate to payroll, K-1 compensation, etc.. Norm Blieden, CPA understand these issues have significant business and personal tax implications.

Sales tax processing is likewise fairly automated.  But done incorrectly, it can lead to costly penalties. That’s why our clients depend on us to keep up with changes to the tax code, sales tax rates, what to charge clients depending on the City and State where transactions are initiated, keep them informed about what kinds of transactions are taxable, and to file reports and payments on time. 
Preparing income tax form preparation is perhaps the easiest part of tax management. Planning ahead with at least quarterly reviews is infinitely more complex and is what sets Norm Blieden, CPA apart from other accounting firms. We help you keep more of what you earn!


Financial Management

Depending on the size of your enterprise, we often take on the role of your company’s Chief Financial Officer. Our outsourced CFO services include but are not limited to helping with financial planning, forecasting & budgeting, tax strategy, inventory financing and loan management, helping manage banking relationships, merchant account partnerships, executive management team support and more. We may not occupy an office at your office…but our services are equally comprehensive.

Alternatively, you may not need or want us to function as your Chief Financial Officer. Regardless, we find that every Norm Blieden, CPA client values our help with financial statement analysis & implications. These analyses are essential for expense management and maximizing profitability.

Similarly, our tax planning services are a by-product of helping clients project income and expenses, properly allocate revenue and expenditures to business or personal accounts, capital investments, and managing money to minimize tax liability. It’s another reason why clients choose to work with our firm.
Finally, families frequently choose Norm Blieden, CPA as part of their estate planning for trust & conservatorship financial services. For financially complex estates and/or when families members are not the right choice to manage your estate, we are an experienced trusted advisor and financial management resource.


Personal Services

For clients who are exceptionally busy or are not detail oriented, engaging Norm Blieden, CPA to manage their business and personal bills has several benefits. First, our bill pay services are extraordinarily efficient and can save you time. Second, making sure bills are paid on time will eliminate late payment charges. And third, consolidating expense tracking supports more accurate bookkeeping and expense management.

For some, our personal service extends to managing your banking relationships. This could include making deposits and ensuring you maintain necessary bank balances, loan and mortgage account management, and funds transfer services. Again, clients engage Norm Blieden, CPA to save time but also to ensure your money is proactively distributed in accordance with your investment directives.


Business Brokerage

Many of our clients are interested in growing their companies by purchasing other businesses that are strategically aligned and/or help diversify their enterprise. Others have grown to the point the owners would like to sell all or a part of their stock for retirement, refinance debt, generate working capital for expansion, etc. For these reasons and more, Norm Bleiden, CPA offers business brokerage services to determine accurate valuations for loans, tax planning etc. And we are experienced brokers to help buy and sell businesses for our clients.

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Forensic Accounting

Our forensic accounting services provide business owners and divorced individuals with answers to frequent questions. For example, are you receiving all the royalties owed by licensees and strategic partners? Is an employee, vendor or business partner embezzling from your company? Can lost or destroyed financial records be reconstructed from computerized transactions and bank records? What is the real value of a business you are considering buying or selling?  Are you a plaintiff or defendant in a lawsuit? Our financial investigative skills are thorough and effective to answer all your questions.  And, we will not only get the answers you seek, we’re available to provide expert witness testimony as well.

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